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Microsoft to add $15 billion in annual revenue for first year of Minecraft game

Microsoft has been looking to capitalize on its Minecraft franchise for a while now.Earlier this month, the company announced that it was expanding its Minecraft business into new verticals including video game publishing, and that it would be adding $15B in annual revenues to its Minecraft games, according to the Wall Street Journal.Microsoft, which is…

The New Minecraft Bible hardcover hardcover edition is out on Amazon

A hardcover Bible edition of Minecraft, due to hit Amazon on July 3, will be available for $99.99.That’s the same price as the Xbox One edition.The Minecraft Bible is a bible for the game’s most hardcore fans.It’s a collection of stories, lore, and art from the game that players can download and play for free.Minecraft…

Why Did You Die?: The Case for a Book by the Lad

The Lad bible: A book by the author of the classic The Lad books.The Lad Bible is a book by Jack Lumberjane.It is a hardcover classic book.It contains over 3,500 pages of information about Lumberjack’s life and the life of the Lad in the book, from the earliest days of the human race to the…

How to make the perfect Apple computer hardcover edition of Hardcover Spiral planner 1987

by Richard D. Tappert, author, The Irish Tapperton, New York Times bestseller (2007) hardcover planner 1987.pdf ISBN 978-1-96414-836-4 hardcoverplanner.pdf

How to create your own Minecraft hardcover book

By now, you’ve probably noticed that the Minecraft series has grown over the years.It has spawned a massive and loyal fanbase, and is now a $1 billion industry.This means it’s a perfect subject for a book.In fact, many have already started creating their own Minecraft book and even have their own publishing company.Here are some…

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