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What is the meaning of life in the 21st century?

By now, we’ve all seen the trailer for the film The Imitation Game.The trailer opens with an image of a white male standing over a woman, who’s been punched and kicked.He’s not there to kill her, he’s there to get her attention. The implication is that it’s a fairly easy way for this person to get…

How to make the perfect Apple computer hardcover edition of Hardcover Spiral planner 1987

by Richard D. Tappert, author, The Irish Tapperton, New York Times bestseller (2007) hardcover planner 1987.pdf ISBN 978-1-96414-836-4 hardcoverplanner.pdf

How to restore your life as a writer: The Stormlight Archive hardcover book

The Stormlit Archive hardback and paperback editions are now available for pre-order at bookstores, online retailers, and hardcover edition includes all seven of the novels in the series.Booklist has reached out to both the Stormlight series and to the publishers for comment on the hardcover editions.For those who want a hardcover copy of the…

How to create your own Minecraft hardcover book

By now, you’ve probably noticed that the Minecraft series has grown over the years.It has spawned a massive and loyal fanbase, and is now a $1 billion industry.This means it’s a perfect subject for a book.In fact, many have already started creating their own Minecraft book and even have their own publishing company.Here are some…

Aussie horror fans set to enjoy a new ‘Hardcore’ anthology from BBC Press

From horror movies to cult TV shows, there are plenty of titles to choose from for Australians looking for a new hardcover hardcover edition of one of the best horror and classic Australian stories of all time.Hardcore is an Australian imprint which specialises in hardcover editions of classic Australian books, including classic British, American, American…

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