Why do you love reading the Bible so much?

1.There’s something comforting about being able to write it down.When you read the Bible, you’re not only reading it, you are also taking a deep dive into the life of Jesus and the events that happened during his life.This makes the book an invaluable resource to know the history and place of each event.For example,…

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There’s something comforting about being able to write it down.

When you read the Bible, you’re not only reading it, you are also taking a deep dive into the life of Jesus and the events that happened during his life.

This makes the book an invaluable resource to know the history and place of each event.

For example, in the story of Lazarus, a hungry man comes to God and begs for food.

God gives him water, and then Lazarus dies.

God tells the story that the Lord took Lazarus’ body and laid it on the doorstep of his house.

This is a scene that gives a lot of weight to the story.

As God tells it, God did not know Lazarus, and Lazarus died in the house of his own free will.

The story makes this passage into something that is comforting to read, even if you don’t agree with the details.


There are many parallels between the story and the lives of Jesus.

For instance, in Luke 7, we see a young man, Lazarus, coming into the world.

He has lost his mother, and his father is dying of cancer.

The young man is given to grief at being left behind.

He goes to the house and begs the Lord to take Lazarus.

The Lord promises him that Lazarus will be brought back.

He’s then brought back, and given water, which he drinks.

When Jesus returns to Galilee, he finds his mother lying on the ground.

His wife is dead.

She had died from cancer.

Jesus asks his disciples to pray to God for his mother.

They pray and ask God to forgive their sins, and he comes to heal her.


Jesus has a message to deliver.

We don’t see the full impact of this message until the last pages of the Gospel of John.

Here, Jesus asks people to forgive and save his mother and his brothers.

When the disciples leave to go back to their home, Jesus tells them to go ahead and forgive each other.

He tells them that they need to forgive the sins of the world, and to make peace with each other, and that Jesus will come back to save them all.

When he returns, he asks for forgiveness for them all, and tells them he’s coming back to heal them all and heal their souls.


The Holy Spirit gives us a new perspective on the Bible.

When we read the Gospel, we can see a new light in the Bible that we haven’t seen before.

In fact, we may not even be able to fully understand the Bible until we are ready to give it our full attention.

We need to read the story, listen to the voices of people who were involved in its writing, and understand its context.


It teaches us about our own hearts and our own nature.

When someone says to you, “I’ve read the book, and it makes me see the truth,” you know you’re on the right track.

When people ask you, in your family, “Why did Jesus come to your home?

What were his beliefs?,” you may have a hard time answering.

When I hear people ask their parents, “How could you possibly read the Gospels and then turn your life around?”

I often wonder, “Am I going to become someone else?”

The answer is, yes.

The Bible teaches us that God does things in mysterious ways, but it also teaches us a lot about our nature.

This book is an excellent introduction to God’s plan, and a powerful way to discover it. 6.

The stories of the prophets help us understand what we’re made of.

The book is filled with stories about Jesus and His people.

In one of the most powerful scenes, Jesus meets with two blind men.

One is a Samaritan, the other is an Egyptian.

The Samaritan asks Jesus why they’re asking him to do a miracle.

Jesus answers them, “Because you are the light of the World.

And the darkness is cast from you.”

The Egyptians tell Jesus, “And you were born blind, but the Pharisees and the Sadducees crucified you for Christ.

Now, I say to you: Whoever is born of God is not condemned, but whoever is born against God is condemned.”

Jesus replies, “Then why do you call me the Light of the Nation?

For I am the Light.”

When we get a glimpse of God’s light, we know we’re not alone.

This message also helps us see how much of the darkness of the human heart can be overcome by the light.


The message has a special meaning for the world today.

The people who read the books of the Bible are called to understand the world we live in today.

People are looking for answers to questions like, “Who is God?

Where did He come from?”

And what does the Bible say about the world?

Are we living in a world of darkness or a world where the light is shining? I know I