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If you’re a fan of novels by Jo Walton, you’re probably also a fan in a good way of the hardback hardcovers that have become a staple in the bookstore scene.And, like many booksellers, Walton is also an avid shopper. While a hardback book will probably not be your first choice, Walton’s books have long been…

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If you’re a fan of novels by Jo Walton, you’re probably also a fan in a good way of the hardback hardcovers that have become a staple in the bookstore scene.

And, like many booksellers, Walton is also an avid shopper. 

While a hardback book will probably not be your first choice, Walton’s books have long been a source of comfort and inspiration.

Now, thanks to the recent launch of her first novel, The Long Reach, Walton has become a popular choice among those who want to read books with the kind of high-quality art and literary style that’s only possible in hardcoats. 

“I’m definitely a fan,” Walton said of her new book.

“I love it.

I’m just really glad it’s available in a hardcover.” 

But, what does it take to become a fan? 

“To be a fan is just like being a regular person,” Walton explained.

“You just have to make the effort to be a regular guy.

If you are not that guy, you are going to be in the wrong business.” 

“A book is a living thing.

And the way you can live your life is by having an interest in something,” Walton continued.

“When you have a book, you have that passion for it.

You can see yourself reading it, or you can see it as a tool for something else.” 

If you’re not interested in a book with an interest, Walton said that it’s probably best to find something else to read. 

“[I would] look at something else,” she said.

“If you have the money and the time, go to another bookstore.” 

The Long Reach was written over six years, and the story of an aspiring journalist, writer and journalist’s daughter who is the daughter of a journalist who is also her husband, is told from a different point of view than the one that’s been told in the past.

“The book is about the relationship between mother and daughter,” Walton told 

 “In the book, we get to see that the mother’s life is a little more complicated than the daughter’s, but we see the mother still trying to make a living. 

She is working as a reporter in a big city, trying to stay afloat, but she has to keep working and she still has to make money. 

So the mother, she still wants to work, she has no interest in giving up. 

The story is told in this little-known, kind of weird, very real, kind-of heartbreaking story, which I hope to explore in the book.

It’s also kind of funny because, you know, the book is funny. 

But the story is also really, really true.” 

A book about the way we relate to books has become such a popular topic that it became the subject of an essay by author and journalist Daniel Dennett in The New Yorker. 

Dennett argued that the way that we relate in our everyday lives, to books and to the world around us, is shaped by the nature of our relationships with books.

“I think that the thing that is interesting about this book is that it takes place in a time and place where we’ve had a lot of bookselling,” Walton recalled. 

Walton also shared some of her own experience with the book as a shopper at the same time she was writing the book’s first draft.

“In New York, you don’t see a lot people coming in, so you have to go out to buy books, and they’re not really cheap, they’re actually a bit expensive,” Walton recounted. 

This may not be the first time that Walton has experienced a bookstore run out of book stock.

In 2016, the author also purchased a hardbound edition of The Long Road to Damascus from a local bookstore, but it was not until her second book, The Second Wind, that Walton was able to buy a hard copy of the first book in her series.

“At first, I thought it was going to cost me $300,” Walton laughed. 

What she found was that she was able a book in the hardcover version for $140.

“That was a bit more than I expected, and that was a really cool experience, because I thought, ‘Well, this is a book that’s going to make you happy, and I’m going to buy it’,” Walton said. 

With her new title, Walton hopes to keep the focus on her story and the characters in her book.

“This is the story about a mother trying to find her way through a complicated, strange world,” Walton stated. 

As Walton’s story unfolds, she will be able to tell the story from her own personal perspective, and as she grows and develops as a writer, Walton will be a better, more complete author of her books. 

In the meantime, Walton shared

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