When will the new season of ‘Star Wars’ begin?

The new season begins on December 18th and the series is already in full swing with Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens just a few weeks away.The latest episode sees Kylo Ren and Han Solo taking on a trio of enemies: a bounty hunter, a bounty huntress and a bounty-hunter droid. It’s a pretty exciting…

Published by admin inAugust 2, 2021

The new season begins on December 18th and the series is already in full swing with Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens just a few weeks away.

The latest episode sees Kylo Ren and Han Solo taking on a trio of enemies: a bounty hunter, a bounty huntress and a bounty-hunter droid. 

It’s a pretty exciting start for fans of the series and they have a few reasons for being excited.

Firstly, this is the first time since ‘Episode IV: A New Hope’ that the whole saga of the Star Wars saga will be told. 

Secondly, this marks the first full-length film in the franchise. 

And, finally, the series continues to grow as a whole, with each new episode adding to the world of Star Wars. 

In order to do this, we have to start with something that has already been done. 

The film industry has been doing this for decades and the first film in a new franchise to be shown to the public in a theatre is the start of something new. 

This is not a new idea. 

There is no new Star Wars, but rather a new Star Trek: Discovery. 

As such, we all know that the films will be different. 

What does that mean for Star Wars fans?

Well, there are two main reasons why they will be happier about it.

First, the Star Trek films are still being made and the films are already quite good, so the films have already become a hit and are already attracting fans. 

Fans will be able to experience the first-ever direct-to-DVD release of the films, which will be released in 2018. 

Second, the films already look amazing, which means we are going to be able watch them in their full glory and hopefully in some cases get to see some new footage. 

We already know that a sequel will be coming, but the series has been making the films at a very good pace, so we will be getting to see what it is all about as well as seeing some of the classic characters we love. 

So what will we be seeing? 

Well, fans will be looking forward to seeing Kylo, Han, Rey, Finn and Chewbacca again. 

They will be back, they will see what happens when the new trilogy begins, and they will meet up with their friends from the original trilogy in the new films. 

But the big thing is that we will see the beginning of a new saga, and the franchise is set to be back on the big screen in 2019. 

That will be a big moment for fans and the new seasons of Star Trek will have a huge impact on them.

What is the ‘Star Trek’ franchise all about? 

In its simplest form, the ‘TOS’ franchise is about a group of human explorers who are searching for a starship in the Outer Rim. 

On the planet of Risa, the group is being chased by an alien species, the Rancor. 

Rancors are humanoid creatures that can grow to monstrous sizes. 

These creatures are called Rancors, and their leader, Rokk, is a terrifying man-eating monster who is the leader of the Ranchero race. 

Each of the twelve original TOS episodes is written by Gene Roddenberry, who also wrote the original Star Trek series and the later Star Trek Beyond series. 

He wrote ‘The Cage’ and ‘The Best of Both Worlds’ and wrote ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’ and his most recent film, Star Trek Into Darkness. 

Star Trek Into Depth is the sixth film in that franchise and is a huge step up from the previous four films.

In the film, the crew of the Enterprise encounters a Rancorian ship and encounters the Ranches and their alien leader. 

While the film has some of those familiar Star Trek elements, it also has a whole new set of characters and storylines. 

Most of the characters that we have met in the series have been killed off. 

One of the most memorable characters was Lt.

Worf, who had a brief cameo in the first three films.

The other characters who are still alive are Admiral Hackett, the leader, and Lt.

Commander Riker, the navigator. 

Also of note is that the Ranchos have captured a group in their space station called the Death Star. 

Worf has been kidnapped and is trying to save his people. 

When he gets on the Death Stars flagship, the captain orders him to board the ship and fight the Rancers. 

After a lengthy battle, Worf and Riker manage to escape the station, but they are trapped by the Death STARs and are captured. 

A fight ensues on the station. 

Ultimately, Worft and Rikers escape the Death star and get rescued by the Rides. 

Although there are a few other characters in the film that have never made it into the series

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